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3M™ Color Enhancing Technology Featured in ASUS ZENBOOK™ NX500 Notebook PC on Sale Now

The ASUS ZENBOOK NX500 arrived in retail stores for sale today. Featuring 3M’s Quantum Dot Enhancement Film, it is the first commercialized Notebook PC to leverage this new color enhancing technology.

ASUS outs the E210: its first, really fan-less mini PC

Mini PCs are really a dime a dozen of late, but very few of them can boast of the silence of a fan-less design. ASUS tried that early this year, but ended up shoving fans inside the Eee Box 1037. Now the company is taking another swipe at it with the E210. This Intel-powered fan-less mini PC tries to deliver … Continue reading

Asus EeePC Review: Can Microsoft Stage a Comeback vs. Chromebooks?

The 2014 version of the Asus EeePC delivers great performance and battery life at an amazingly low price. Click to view a price quote on MSFT . Click to research the Computer Software & Services industry.

Asus to Pre-Install Foxit's PDF Software on PCs

PhantomPDF Express Now Being Shipped With 3 of Top 5 Windows PC Vendors

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If there’s one thing the digital revolution has taught us, it’s that we shouldn’t get too attached to anything. Technology has a way of seizing long-held ideas and entrenched industries and turning them upside-down.

5 ways to fat-proof your home

Here simple ways to keep your home food-temptation free. This works for even the most weak-willed among us.

How he became an Ironman

Joe Van Veldhuizen was 19 miles into his first Ironman. He had two hours left to complete the race, and only three miles to go in the 26.2-mile marathon.

Predicting the flu so you can avoid it

Imagine being able to predict when the flu might strike your town, a bit like how meteorologists predict when a storm is heading your way.

Flu shot less helpful, but still key

This year's flu vaccine is not as effective against the current strain of the influenza virus because the virus has mutated, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in an advisory to doctors.

Vintage cold and flu ads


Report: MH370 disappearance a criminal investigation, police chief says

The investigation into Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is now classified as a criminal investigation, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing the Malaysian police chief.

Ebola toll rises in 'unprecedented' outbreak

An outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in West Africa has spread to Guinea's capital and beyond its borders in an "unprecedented epidemic," a leading aid agency reported Monday.

Republicans hit a nerve when it comes to Obamacare

Republicans are going all in, hoping that the payout is big. Like control of the Senate, big.

Ukraine crisis: NATO suspends cooperation with Moscow

NATO will suspend "all practical civilian and military cooperation" with Russia because of its annexation of Crimea, saying it has seen no sign that Moscow was withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian border.

Will Caesars impress with Las Vegas High Roller?

The 550-foot-tall High Roller has finally opened on the Las Vegas Strip.